Thursday, August 21, 2014

Fun Fact Friday! Or: My Not So Secret Shame...

I love terrible shows. I love them. Shut up! I love them! And I don't mean I love them, but no-one else knows - I mean EVERYONE KNOWS. I fly my lame nerd flag proudly.

You don't believe me? You think I'm exaggerating?

I LOVE BIKER MICE FROM MARS. It was a show from the 90's based on a comic book about 3 anthropomorphized mice from mars with antenna that rode motorcycles, drank root beer, and lived in Wrigley Field's scoreboard and they fought fish monster aliens named after smelly cheeses. I had some of the toys. My sister just got me a lamp with one of the characters for a base and not only do I love it, I am trying to hunt down a shade. I'm still searching for the full series on DVD or VHS (seriously - I'd cut a bitch for it).

Howard the Duck has a permanent place of honor on my movie shelves. I GODDAMN LOVE THAT DUCK. I still laugh my ass off through the whole thing, and sing the Howard the Duck theme at every given opportunity (to my husband's dismay).

One of my favorite book series is called My Life As A Redneck Zombie, and yes, it's as bad as you think. And it's DELIGHTFUL.

I play Conker's Bad Fur Day on a regular basis.

The Doom Movie. All of the Terminators. Don't even give me that look.


And you know what? Loving all these admittedly terrible movies/books/games is liberating. Because I really don't care what everyone else thinks - they make me laugh, or cheer at explosions, or giggle at inappropriate wording, and it's great! I love them, and because of that, I don't take life too seriously, or go around sticking my nose in the air, or even freak out over my mistakes - because someone loved these characters enough to put them out there for me to find.

You may start out great, you may have to put in a lot of effort to achieve greatness, but don't ever feel embarrassed for loving something other people think is dumb. After all, if George Lucas can produce Howard the Duck, anything is possible.

(And for reals - let me know about those Biker Mice DVDs.)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Oooo, this is nice! I feel a bit like the Doctor with a new regeneration!

Eyes, check. Arms, lovely - can't make anything without those; fingers - all in working order. Knees ... bit dodgy, but they'll do. Curiosity, check! Imagination... is crammed as full as my junk drawer (have to fix that). Sanity - sanity? *peeks under tables and beneath the rug* ...huh. Looks like we have a runner. No worries! Us artistically-minded and disturbingly hyperactive don't really need it.

So! I can't promise that I'll be any good at posting in anything resembling a timely fashion, but I will do my very best. I'm trying very hard to spread the word about my Etsy shop so that I can start making toys full time, so please bear with me.

My shop is currently focused on felt toys, but I am thinking about spreading out to other types of materials - crochet is an option, I'm working with fleece for the first time, and I'm really, really hoping to start working on some gaming materials by Christmas (cause why should little children have all the fun?). I plan on showing off some craft projects that I've done as gifts, but that may have to wait till after the holidays because, let's face it, I'm not as computer-savvy as my young relatives and I hate spoilers.

So, we're off! Allon-ze, Alonzo!